Graphic designer from Barcelona
IG: sarabellamystudio


When we hear about cults we always think about weird groups of people dressed up in black tunics performing some sort of mystic ritual back in the 70’s but, what are they really?
     From ancient pagan cults, through 70’s new age meditation groups, and to modern pyramid schemes. The Greater Good is a book not only about cults and gurus but an overall view on history, manipulation, and exploitative groups.
     The book is structured in 3 different parts, and at the same time, they are all connected. The book proposes a narrative and order but it can be read in any order, it’s like a “Choose your own adventure” book.

     The different chapters explore specific themes around cults, like their history and creation or the role that women and kids played in different groups throughout history.

     The intersections connect certain chapters creating thematic sections alongside the book, like the different characters involved in cults or their presence in media. Those sections help the reader connect the different stories to see a bigger picture.

     Finally, at the end of the book, the annexes explain the stories of all the cults mentioned in the book. The reader can find all kind of information, such as their history, rituals, beliefs, dates and different curiosities.

Design: Sara Bellamy, Sara Lee, Jordi Pol